Coloring Batik with waste stew and sea water

Around us we can find a lot of dry leaves garbage. In the coastal area near the Sea of Java, there are lots of leaves and waste water that can be utilized. Various dried leaves boiled with water. When boiling, the resulting color is visible shade. Cause,The salinity of Javanese sea water is very high...

How, dry leaves waste is mixed with the water, and boiled until boiling. Before starting the process to make, which will be colored cloth soaked in water, and let it until
cold. So that the natural color of the resulting permeate, the fabric must be washed and stirred for several minutes. Later, the colors appear on the batik fabrics appear more natural, and does not finish the withdrawal of the color produced from chemicals. Moreover, the resulting color proven to be durable, and does not fade even though frequently washed.

leaves stew ingredients and sea water bring exotic color. In the process of coloring, absolutly does not use the chemicals. The color that will show looks natural.

So that the colors produced from natural leaves dry sew, the fabric must be stirred, and washed for several minutes. Result, the color that appears on batik cloth appear more natural, the withdrawal does not shiny like use chemicals coloring.But, during the rainy season, the making take any longer in the drying cloth.

Use of waste stew leaves and water to the sea coloring batik cloth can reduce the pollution of waste batik originated from the use of chemical substances as a coloring agent. In the river, waste chemical dye batik can not do unravel.

Use of chemicals to cause pollution batik proven unusual for rivers. For example, the Loji river that split the Pekalongan City, not nearly the river water flow, and jet black color. Potential Pekalongan batik as a supplier to all Indonesia impact in due to the high pollution of waste batik. Pekalongan river is a river most polluted in Central Java.

In fact, each batik craftsman can switch to natural coloring. Moreover, this natural material is available everywhere. the making any simple way. For example, from leaves, medical herbs, mengkudu roots, tinggi (kind moth ), tegeran, jambal, and other secang.

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