Tips for choosing cloth silk batik materials

To produce Batik silk with highest quality of course need a silk batik cloth also. There are a few tips for determining the fabric of silk batik materials as well:

The fabric plaited is braid plate. (blaco plait)
Fineness of prime cloth until the primisima (cluster 2 to 4 from 16 cocoon thread)
The width of the fabric is approximately 105 cm (for tapih cloth), 90 cm (for the skirt, dress etc.), 70 cm (for shirt cloth, skirt) and 50 cm (to throw)

The state of silk cloth has been “deguming” (levels souple silk). Because the basic fabric batik is made quite often yellow, then presumably the silk cloth would not need to whitening with whitener (perxyde etc.)...The plait dense enough so that the yarn in the fabric does not move when a pressure or pulling. Because the process of making batik-related with dye in water (wet), the twist in the silk should be not too high to avoid wrinkle wet cloth in the process
The yarn woven cloth that held the selection there is one type of silk so that the coloration does not arise because the mottled colors of absorption differences.

Batik silk fabric is not necessarily the form of pure silk, but can be combined in a way woven using yarn “tetoron” like cotton or “rayon acetate”. Occurs when the mixture is not known, and then problems will arise in the process of coloring

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