Batik Cap

Batik in Indonesia is always experiencing a significant development. Initially there are only batik is done by the women of the canting. Around mid-19th century, "canting seal" (usually called just "cap" only) have been developed.

Canting cap is a rubber stamp tool such great shape that has been drawn batik patterns. In general, the pattern in this canting seal formed from the copper base material, but there are also combined with the iron. Production of this batik cap, The batik carftman can save energy, and no need to draw a pattern or design on the cloth...

The development of Batik cap also experienced, be acquainted with a wood of cap. Cap made of wood is more economical and the making is easier. The pattern carved on wood and was formed as a seal as well as copper cap. Batik stamp use this wood can be distinguished from copper because the wood cap does not heat the copper until the wax (candle) attached to the timber is thin, and the process results uniqueness shape have retired, there is usually a bit of color as sew on batik wax attached too thin, so that the visible color gradation between the pattern on the edge and middle motif

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