The advantage or characteristic of which is owned by batik Cirebon

a. Batik design Cirebonan nuances of classic traditional, in general, always include the motif wadasan (cadas stone) on the parts of a particular motif. Besides, there are also elements multiformity tub-shaped cloud (cloud) on the parts that are tailored to the main motif.

b. Batik Cirebonan classic traditional has always characterized the color on the background (base fabric) younger than the color line in the main motif.

c. The background or base cloth is usually visible clean stains from black or colors that are not desired in the process. Stains and the color black can be caused by the use of batik wax is broken, so that the process of coloring pigment which does not permeate the fabric desired.

d. Lines on the batik motifs Cirebonan use single line and thin (small) approximately 0.5 mm with a color line that are older than the color latarnya. This is because the process of batik Cirebon superior in closing (blocking area) using canting special process to do the closure, namely the use and bleber canting wall (made of bamboo stem, which in the end be given a snippet of the thread-cotton yarn is thick and entered on one of the ends of the bamboo stem). 

e. Dominant colors of the classic traditional batik Cirebonan usually have yellow (sogan scrub), basic colors of black and beige, or dark red, dark blue, black cloth with the basic colors of white or ivory beige. 

f. Batik Cirebonan tend to choose part of the background fabric left blank without multiformity filled with decorative shaped “tanahan” or “rentesan” (multiformity shaped ornamental plants algae). Multiformity the form of decorative “tanahan”or “rentesan” is usually used by batiks from Pekalongan. 

Still with batik Cirebonan, but have characteristics that differ from the previous group, namely Cirebonan Pesisiran batik. Batik Cirebonan Pesisiran highly influenced by the coast (pesisiran) character the community in general has a soul and easily receive the influence of foreign culture. The development of the current coloring of the batik Cirebonan more variegated and use the elements of a brighter color and bright, and has the form of a decorative fad-free animals with the elements and the forms of flora rich appearance. 

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