Batik wax

Batik wax is a material that used to cover the surface of the cloth the image of batik motifs, so that a closed surface is to resist or reject a given color on the cloth. Batik wax is not a one of kind of material, but a mixture of various basic materials candle. As a basic material such as a candle; Gondoruem, Damar, Matakucing, paraffin wax (white and yellow), Microwax, animal fat (kendal, gajih), coconut oil, bee wax, Lanceng candle...

Principal amount of material used and the comparison is manifold, according to usage and experience of each. So batik wax it is a combination of materials basic wax, days of old in the making of batik, using the cloth as a cover from sticky rice porridge, and cloth made in this way is called as simbut cloth. However after finding such a candle is not used again. 

Began early in the process of wax usage slope during the closing motif used wax from bee or lanceng. Wax from animals according java people it called "malam", then wax batik is still often called the “malam” batik. Because the experiences, then people mix the pure wax from animal kind of bee with material from plants such as Gondorukem and Damar Matakucing. 

And then to weaken and reduce melted point added fat or oil, fat animal or coconut oil. In the last the process of making batik, all the wax removed from batik cloth with placed in hot water, so the wax batik removed and after solution water is cold , batik of wax become frozen again and can be taken. Wax from solution water is called "wax used" or black wax because the color is black. Candles used this mixed again on the making of new wax mixture.

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