Tips and Tricks Caring for Batik

There are some things you need to note in order to keep your batik cloth or clothing still beautiful, are as follows: 

1. Washing batik cloth by using hair shampoo. Previously, fused shampoo until no more of a set first. After that dye batik cloth. You can also use special soap for washing cloth batik that was sold in the market.

2. At the time of washing batik don’t rubbed, and do not use detergent. If your batik cloth not too dirty enough, you can wash it with warm water. But if your batik so stains you can wash it just with a bath soap. But if the stain still there you can removed it with orange peel on the dirty part of it. Do not wash the batik cloth by using the washing machine. 

3. After the dirt have lost, you have to spread out in the calm sun to dry place but you do not need to press until dry, let the cloth is naturally dry up. At the time of season you should pull the fabric edge so that the fiber cloth fold back to normal. 

4. Avoid clothes for ironing directly, if the cloth is too rumpled you spray water above your batik cloth with layer batik cloth with the other cloth. This thing to avoid your batik cloth from iron heat affected directly. 

5. If you want to impart fragrance and fabric softener on batik, don’t spray it directly on the fabric. Before that, cover the fabric with the newspaper, and then spray with the fragrance liquid and fabric softener. You should not inject scent or perfume directly to the cloth or clothing of silk batik colorant natural. 

6. After ironing you should save your batik in plastic to prevent moth-eaten. We recommend that you do not give camphoric solid because this is too hard so that can damage your batik cloth. It's good you give a pepper or pepper wrapped with tissue and enter in your wardrobe to drive out moth. Or you can use the fragrant root that before you dye to in hot water and then dried, and dyed again in hot water and dried. After the roots are fragrant dry you can use it..

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