Trusmi's Batik or Cirebonan's Batik

That basically batiks generated by the centers of batik in various regions are generally good and have good-style batik motifs that vary. Thus, the nature of typical and unique batik-batik area can not be said that batik one better than other areas. Unique motifs and patterns that resulted from a batik-batik in various regions is a strength and richness that is very unusual, especially for culture batik Indonesia.

No in any country that has a wealth of design motifs such as the batik in Indonesia owned by the nation. Plume that is all we are, in every area has a design and motives of the typical naming patterns of language use their respective regions. For example, the motif of batik Aceh, Pintu Aceh, Cakra Doenya, Bungong Jeumpa. From Riau there Itik Pulang Petang, Kuntum Bersanding, Awan Larat and Tabir. Batik from Java like Jelaprang (Pekalongan), Sida Mukti, Sida Luhur (Solo), Patran Keris, Paksinaga Liman, Sawat Penganten (Cirebon), etc...

To find out about the many proofs of design properties motives batik Indonesia the most simple example can be seen in the area of West Java, in this area are dozens of centers of batik districts most of them have Cirebon East, the North region have Indramayu, and then towards the West and south are Ciamis Regency, Regency and the City of Tasikmalaya, Garut Regency. Although still in a provincial culture and the same culture (cultural Sunda), but we can find differences multiformity decorative motifs and batik are much different between the districts with other districts. As in the Cirebon area Indramayu have characters and a different design patterns, especially between Cirebon and Garut district has a gap motifs, decorative style and whim of very significant differences. The difference is influenced by culture and cultural level of expertise of the craftsmen the batik. The material used to make batik relatively the same from either form of canting, shape and type of seal the wax. However, when the production process runs sometimes condition element ground water quality of the PH with different coloring can affect the final results. Similarly, the nature of patience and fortitude of batik in every area, also will be able to affect the quality of the end of the batik produced 

Regional Cirebon batik production centers located in the village Trusmi Plered Cirebon reputedly located in the city of Cirebon far beyond 4 km to the west or toward the direction of Bandung. Trusmi in the village and surrounding areas there are more than 1,000 workers or craftsmen batik. Labor batik come from several areas around the village Trusmi, such as the village of Gamel, Kaliwulu, Wotgali and Kalitengah. 

In general, Cirebon batik including batik Pesisiran into groups, but also including some batik Cirebon batik palace in the group. This is because Cirebon has two the palace Keratonan Kasepuhan and Kanoman palace, reputedly based on the history of the two show some of this palace batik Cirebonan Classic design that until now is still done by some villagers whom Trusmi Mega motifs such as cloudy, Paksinaga Liman, Patran Keris , Patran Kangkung, Singa Payung, Singa Barong, Banjar pool, Chicken Alas, Sawat Penganten, Katewono, Mount Giwur, Simbar Menjangan, Simbar Kendo and others. 

In the area around the port are many foreigners who come around, going to put the marriage of different ethnic (asimilation), the batik Cirebonan Pesisiran more likely to receive from outside cultural influences brought by immigrants. Cirebon batik so that one is more likely to be able to meet or follow the tastes of different consumer areas (more to the commodities trade and consumerilsm), so that the colors of batik Cirebonan Pesisiran more attractive by using lots of color. Cirebonan batik production in the current period consist of Write batik, printed batik and batik combination cap. In the year 1990 - 2000 is part of the community Cirebonan producing batik cloth batik pattern Cirebonan with the technique hand printing, but this latter technique hand printing almost extinct, due to compete with the less technical print engine owned by companies that more big. Batik Trusmi growth appears to start moving quickly in 2000, this can be seen from the pop-showroom batik showroom located in the vicinity of main roads and villages Trusmi Panembahan. Batik showroom owner Trusmi almost entirely owned by the original Trusmi although one or two are owned by the owner of capital from outside Trusmi

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